Pay - Hold - Earn

STACKS PAY offers a fast, inexpensive, and efficient form of payments, while facilitating a store of value accessible by all, and a lucrative rewards mechanism built right in without the need for staking.

Stacks Glow

Stacks Pay Tokenomics

Total Starting Supply: 1 Trillion Tokens
Max Wallet Size: 15 Billion Tokens
Max Buy Transaction Size: 10 Billion Tokens

The Stacks Pay ecosystem is powered by a 3/3 Buy/Sell tax.

3% buy/sell tax breakdown:

  • 1.5% distributed as BNB REWARDS
  • 0.5% subjected to TRUE BURN for token supply reduction
  • 0.5% allocated to LIQUIDITY INJECTION for stable trading
  • 0.5% transparently goes to developers

Contract Address:

Stacks Pay Use Cases

Stacks Pay utilizes a DeFi approach to tackle real-world problems and provide value in innovative ways.



Stacks Pay can be utilized for payments ranging from E-commerce to payments between individuals for goods and services.


Store of Value

Stacks Pay facilitates the storage of idle money, while rewarding the user for doing so the longer they hold.

Reward free BNB

Rewards System

Stacks Pay rewards free $BNB to all holders based on transaction volumes of the ecosystem proportional to the amount held automatically and without the need for staking or claiming.

World-wide Money Transfer

World-wide Money Transfer

Stacks Pay can be utilized to transfer money worldwide between parties settling almost instantaneously and at a low cost.

DeFi Intergration

DeFi Integration

Stacks Pay's payment platform can be integrated into any DeFi platform for uses ranging from tipping to the minting of NFTs, Telegram/Discord bot payments, staking pools, etc.


Stacks HyFi

Holding Stacks Pay grants developers the opportunity to join the Stacks HyFi community. (Coming Soon!)

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How to Buy Stacks Pay

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What Our Partners Are Saying

"Partnering with Stacks Pay has revolutionized our approach to finance at, integrating cryptocurrency payments seamlessly into our platform. Stacks Pay's innovative technology and commitment to transparency align perfectly with our mission, propelling us towards a future of financial inclusivity and innovation."

"We are thrilled to announce our strategic collaboration with Stacks Pay, an esteemed early adapter of our exchange. Collaborating with Stacks Pay, we aim to streamline cross-border payments and remittances, further advancing the presence of both projects on the BNB Chain."